14 Common Misconceptions About Business Development

When it comes to marketing a property, the quality of the photography and the way in which interiors and exteriors are presented can be the beginning or end of a sale. Photos are a buyer’s first impression and the key to a first viewing. So how can you make sure you get them right?

Keep those lights off. Shooting for Country Life magazine taught me that getting rid of artificial lighting allows the natural colours of interiors to shine through. Be patient. Waiting a few extra days for the right weather can make a huge difference to the exterior photos.



Space in London, where rooms tend to be smaller, is often the main constraint, so don’t exacerbate the issue with clutter. Clear surfaces and clean lines are best. When it comes to books, bowls on coffee tables, and so on – less is more.

Rooms definitely look their best when not artificially lit and clean windows and fewer curtains or blinds covering the windows helps. Obviously, getting enough natural light is trickier in winter so it’s essential to shoot at the right time of day. However, if you do decide to use artificial light, make sure there are no broken light bulbs as this can make the light uneven across the room.

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